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What is NIR

What is NIR

NIR (Near-infrared) spectroscopy analyses and identifies products by illuminating the liquid that flows through a measuring cell and analysing the absorption of the light by a spectrometer: a sensor highly sensitive to the NIR frequency. Using mathematical data analysis methods such as multivariate modelling, the type and quality of liquids flowing through the measurement cell can be determined and contaminations instantly detected.

The data (fingerprint) generated by the sensor is compared to the database with known products mixtures. This allows the individual product contaminations to be identified and quantified.

Today, NIR measurements are used in various industries such as food, pharma and agriculture. FuQon brings this proven micro NIR measurement to the terminal industry with an ATEX approved flow cell that can be installed directly into the process. The calibration and validation of each system will be executed by FuQon.

We deliver a reliable and proven Q\Platform supporting your product quality needs.

About FuQon

At FuQon, we have developed a product quality control platform that is real-time, continuous, cost-effective and clean.



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